Terms and Conditions for Representation by Crew Unlimited:

I understand that my data will be included in Crew Unlimited’s database of registered crew free of charge. Although inclusion in the database is secure and safe, I understand that it in no way represents a guarantee of employment.

I understand that it is my responsibility to keep all my information up to date, so as to present as complete and accurate presentation as possible, and increase my employment potential to its fullest.

I understand that Crew Unlimited reserves the right to conduct reference checks, and to remove any candidate from their database if said candidate fails to meet the standards for employment deemed appropriate by Crew Unlimited.

I understand that any employment gained through Crew Unlimited, for any amount of time, within one year of any referral, will be subject to a Placement Fee due to Crew Unlimited by their Client. Therefore, Crew Unlimited is relying on my HONESTY to report all employment gained, and failure to report any such employment to Crew Unlimited for billing purposes will be considered dishonest, as well as cause my file to be permanently disabled.

I understand that it is my responsibility to notify Crew Unlimited of any discontinuation of my employment search, (by logging in as ‘Not Seeking Employment’ or otherwise) regardless of source of employment, in order to keep their placement process as efficient as possible for their clients.

I understand that while I am listed as ‘Seeking Employment’ with Crew Unlimited, my resume and profile may be submitted to positions, at times, without prior notification. I also understand that I should communicate any interviews obtained through submission by Crew Unlimited, to avoid potential discrepancies with other placement agencies.

I understand that if I cease employment gained through Crew Unlimited for any reason within the first 90 days employment, or anytime without proper notice of 2-4 weeks given, I MUST inform Crew Unlimited to avoid being held responsible for refunding placement fees paid by the employer, and to assist Crew Unlimited in providing a reputable service to its registered candidates.

I understand that ‘checking in’ for available positions via telephone, in person, or via e-mail is not necessary, since my status will be updated each time I log-in via the website. Further, I understand that for each position that I show interest in on the Current Job List on-line, my name will appear on my Placement Coordinators’ list of interested candidates, to be considered for submission to the client.

I understand that my status will remain “Active” until I notify Crew Unlimited that I have found a suitable position, or until I have not logged in for more than 90 days.

I understand that Crew Unlimited is not responsible for the actions of its clients (Owners and Captains) after I have made initial contact with the client.

I understand that the data I enter here will be visible and searchable on-line by Crew Unlimited’s staff, and my profile (excluding my name, contact info, and resume) will be visible to web browsers. I also understand that after I have confirmed interest in the posted job description, and have been submitted for the position by a Placement Coordinator, Clients of Crew Unlimited will have access to my contact information and complete profile.

I understand that my e-mail address will be added to Crew Unlimited’s e-mail marketing list so that I may receive future announcements. As well, I understand that I can remove myself from that list at any time without any repercussion.