Crew Unlimited (CU) aims to respond to all yacht vessel/management signups within a 24 hour period Monday thru Friday. If you need immediate access after creating your Vessel profile, please contact us directly at +1 954-462-46244.

6 Months FREE ACCESS for a LIMITED TIME only!

Membership Pricing

Short Term

Duration Cost Training Credits
1 month $475 No training credits
3 months $1500 1500 training credits
6 months $0 – FREE Access Limited Time Only! No training credits

12 Month Memberships

Length Cost Training Credits
1ft to 100ft $3,250 3250 training credits
101ft to 150ft $4,000 4000 training credits
151ft to 200ft $5,000 5000 training credits
201ft to 250ft $6,000 6000 training credits
251ft to 300ft $7,000 7000 training credits
301ft and greater $9,000 9000 training credits

Membership Terms

  • Access to crew database for up to 12 months
  • Crew training credits are valid for 18 months
  • Crew training credits are good for the full advertised price of courses at the attending location

  • Crew training credits cannot be used in conjunction with any discounts or promotional offers

  • Crew training credits may only be issued by authorized persons via email info@crewunlimited.com or verified letter

  • All courses are subject to availability

  • Any misuse or abuse of CU’s database by unauthorized persons or misrepresentation will result in immediate suspension of account with NO REFUND.

Membership Benefits

  • 6 Months FREE access for a limited time only!

  • Current and Quality Crew
  • Credits do NOT expire as long as Membership is active.

  • Reduces the cost of hiring crew and allows a vessel to keep within crew placement cost.
  • Offers an incentive to crew in the form of crew training credits

  • Crew training vouchers redeemable at one of PYT’s 3 locations. (Ft. Lauderdale, Durban & Cape Town)
  • Certifications and Qualifications of PYT students can be verified.

  • No exclusions, no black-out dates, good for all courses. (within 18 months)

  • Membership options available for your unique needs.